Pursue…or maybe, just stay there will do.


PERSONA MUSIC LIVE DVD FINALLY GET! (that’s 9 days of painful waiting indeed ;_;) I managed to complete the whole concert without skipping(since it’s only 1h 30 mins worth of goodness ;___;) I’m gonna bring this to work, to listen to the cd’s contents(which till now, I still have no idea of what’s inside) thanks to da jie for making this possible! ❤ although I’m sorry to hear your CDs has yet to arrive!

The scene of Margret fighting with Elizabeth…I must know what’s going on(I’m very bad at understanding 敬語 though, but it was used throughout the conversation! :< must…learn…to..understand!)

It was complete paradise with the headphones. Awesome to the max, I say! 8D

…makes me want to replay p3 and p4 over again. Man, those music really drives back memories :_;

After the cut is some ramblings of my life again. HAHA

Gave some thought about my future(*coughs* yea, yet again) after listening to Director’s mini talk in the cafeteria today.

I knew my current status(or rather, academic status to say) isn’t sufficient for me to enter a local university yet….*sigh* you know the rest of the story. haha.

I told my dad that as long you hold passion in your work, you will succeed. Time and time again, my dad brushes it aside and later adds  “passion wont get you full”.

Is it even true?

Can I even do it?

Guess I really need to work hard to find them all out.

I learn new things almost everyday, ranging from technical stuffs(negative margins really saved my life today :D) to communication(which I’m really really am in lack of), everyday became a learning day. 8d

*sighs* still got so much to settle, passports stuff actually(heh. I’m finally traveling) yet I felt the crunch directly at me…which pretty much means I have to devote the rest of the salary(oct’s & nov’s) to the traveling expenses. No more spendings at Kinokuniya! T_T

meh. This is so awesome and so sad actually. haha. Mixed feelings indeed!

    • Brenda
    • October 15th, 2009

    ah.. yea.. so sad lor.. always go home with happy heart, but then always disappointed lor..

    good to hear u’re growing though.. save the money, then go china buy lor.. think it shld be cheaper//

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