Horoscope Boyfriend Series Starry☆Sky


Currently listening to the Aries CD * w *

Been hearing the Starry Sky CDs was good and my heart raced a little when I realised Ono Daisuke is voicing one of the characters inside this series. LIEK. AHH…ONO DAISUKKKKKEEEEEEEE *insert fangirl screams*

Basically it’s a drama cd-s of all sorts, I think it’s similar to the tsundere cd. (If anyone still remembers there’s such an existence of a cd that started from a very tsun tsun tone to you and slowly as the track changes she changed into a dere dere tone) However, for Starry Sky, it’s a like going out with a date. Stuffs like that, good for escaping reality, don’t they!  Fujoshi are so blissful! * w * to be able to understand what’s the cd is talking about is blissful too!* w *

speaking of Starry Sky, I have been addicted to Capsule’s Starry Sky. 0 w 0 IT’S SO AWESOME!! I think I’m starting to like Techno….quite a bit. I mean being able to withstand such heavy metal without switching or stop the song, I think it’s quite a feat for me! XD


    MISTA BUSHIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. “It’s love!! But if it transcends love, it becomes hate, just like how too much faith brings war!!”

    I rate the song somewhere around “meh”. Could’ve been better. Intro too long.. The song doesn’t get good ’till about 2:00mins into it. In techno terms, I’ll stick to my ZXA tunes.

      • tsun13
      • November 4th, 2009

      hmm~ I don’t really listen to techno much…well not until I knew the existence of Perfume that is.
      So yea…kinda noob at techno. LOL

      so what’s….ZXA tunes? 8D *prepares to get bricked*

      • Not shocked that people don’t know what it is. Basically it’s BGM. From a game. Called Rockman ZX, and it’s sequel ZXA..

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