I LOVE Anisong!!!

Highlight of the day had ought to be the concert! This is actually my first time attending such concert and I really had a blast time there. My view was awesomely good and currently my hand went sore with all those aggressive waves of light sticks.

I really should have brought more light sticks! Both lightsticks failed on me after one song and I was left shaking a non-lighted lightstick throughout the whole process. T_T

Shokotan was so awesome and friendly. She tried her best using English all the way to talk to the audience and I do think this is really commendable(although I really wished she had converse more in Japanese instead XDD) She was like “YOU ARE ALL MY BEST FRIENDS!!” and ahh! that’s really so nice of her!

T A T I’m so lucky to be at the front row, waving and doing crazy fanscreaming! The people who was around me was doing the same hardcore fanscreaming and that really feel so good! It’s as if everyone of us is united! THIS IS SO COOOOLLLLL!

After singing a couple of songs, Shokotan then mentioned that she blogs alot and now she wishes to take a photo with all us doing the finger pointing to the sky and post this memorable photo onto her blog(and she really did! Her speed of blogging is uber fast…fancy 3 pages of posts in within….3 hours? D:) if I really have to say it again…IT IS REALLY SO SO SO SO AWESOME! \ 0 / I just feel that one of my dreams has accomplished(maybe I like to have very simple dreams HAHA) to be able to see Shokotan performing in person, my life just feels a little complete 😀 and I have a new dream to fullfil and that is to save up more money to attend Animelo. I used to think about it but now the resolve of attending it has been strengthened. I want to enjoy the same adrenaline rush for such concerts again…and maybe see Shokotan perform yet again! 8D

After Shokotan, it was Miku-chan! Everyone just screamed in terrific joy. Despite the few technical glitches here and there, but the results was still astounding good. I sang along while Miku was singing(Miku miku ni shite ageru and World is Mine) IT WAS SOO AHHHHHH AWESOME TO THE MAX!!! I never had such joy in rooting for an idol(?) before!

After Miku-chan, it was Ichirou Mizuki, our beloved aniki on stage! This is actually my first time watching him perform live and sad to say since I’m not too into seinen and probably mecha(aside from macross f and code geass. lol) stuffs, I never heard of his songs before. BUT STILL! It’s so fantastic to just scream “ZZZZ!”, even though I hardly know the lyrics.

With all these, my music library has just updated new songs plus a new singer to root for.

ANIKI IS IMPRESSIVE I TELL YOU! He also tried to converse in English but then went back to Japanese because he seems kinda uncomfortable talking in English. He cracks jokes from time to time like saying that his real name is Kobayashi and there’s a famous music composer in Japan called Kobayashi Ase. He was joking about this because at that point of time he was sweating profusely and Ase means sweat in Japanese.

Aniki’s performance lasted for around 10 songs and in the process I was in non-stop waving-light-sticks mode! (My hands are still very sore though. LOL)

THEN. THE MOST EPIC THING HAPPENED.  The duet with Aniki and Shokotan during Aniki’s encore!(sadly no one said that for Shokotan. I was shouting encore but the rest of the crowd just kept quiet ):) Shokotan is famous for her love with seinen stuffs and she was ultra delighted to sing with Aniki. The crowd just went wild and continue the aggressive waving with light sticks all over again.

SERIOUSLY, it was so great to have a very active crowd(you know…Singapore’s crowd..not really everyone per se…but are generally known as cold) There seems to have some kind of movement procedure with the light sticks, but being a noob(since this is the first time) I just waved it with the rhythm. 8D It was kinda awkward at first, but once you got into the mood, nothing else matters and you just shake your body to the music. XD

So many first times accomplished within a night. And tomorrow, it’s May’n’s turn! I simply can’t wait to enjoy the same intense and united feelings I gotten tonight.IT IS JUST SO EPIC!!!!

Tonight is really unforgettable. AFA本.当.本.当.にー最高だ!!!

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