Pieces here and there

My imagination went pretty wild today.

It’s kinda messy and I don’t really know how to describe it.

Times like this just feels great, but there’s always this irritating moment that shook you back to reality abruptly.

Hosted some BiTC students and teachers over to Singapore as they will be having a short stay in our school’s hostel.

This is the first time I’m doing this(same to the rest. lol) and I just feel…rather meh.

There are definitely more ROOMS for improvement. I graded my performance for this hosting as FAIL.

Fail as it can be, but at least I learned something new out of it. That is communication x_xlll, something that I still can’t really learn.

maybe I’m just wasn’t sociable enough.

Speaking of which….I REALLY REALLY need to brush up my Chinese. I find it hard to communicate with the Beijing students during the hosting because the thought of mixing some Singlish inside the conversation was very strong. This is bad, I can’t survive in Beijing with my Singlish! LOL

Watched Eva 2.0 again today. I think the only reason of doing so is to catch the preview trailer of 3.0 XDDD Kaoru promises to bring Shinji happiness in 3.0! INSTANT LOL!
I entrusted my babies(whole of my PW collection) to my friend today because I wanted to share the love of PW around(not that I will be playing much of it since….*coughs*) It was a sad depart but still! It’s for a good cause! So…I shall cringe for their return someday….XD

Leaving home for the longest period ever…will I even take it?

This question just popped out outta sudden recently…just like magic! (okay, not funny = w =)

Time to leave your safe zone and open your eyes for the world, I guess.

明日北京へいきます!長い旅行ですから、家が恋しいの時間があるかな...( ゚д゚ )

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