Beijing day 3

AHH. I’m so tired. So I shall write in short sentences.

teammate passed me some papers for my ideas structuring for my final year project.

and that few pieces of paper slowly became my drawing papers .wwww

Meh. It just kinda sucks to not have white papers to doodle on when you are bored.

I also need to fight the sleeping bug in me when on work in the morning. GAH. DAMN YOU COLD WINDS!! D:<

Whole group went for early breakfast and was sitting at the then empty tables of the canteen.

Few hours we came back, we were literally swamped by the Beijing students over there and had to make our choice on what to eat fast because the food there are in limited quantity.  And no, the queue in the canteen is not even considered as a queue. = w =

Couldn’t managed to “fight” with the students there, we had to succumb to eating cup noodles.

It was fun though, chit-chatting and crapping around and doing some casual self-introductions.

We this bunch of Singaporeans sua gu(the ignorant) simply can’t take Beijing’s sense of…salt. Everywhere in Beijing is either too oily or too salty. D: Even the instant noodles seasoning are way too salty!

Holy crap, was only told that the tap water, even if boiled, is unsafe to drink AFTER we were happily eating the noodles. I was even drinking the soup. Awesome.

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