Beijing Day 4


note to self : Winter makes me sleepy.

Living with myself for the past few days isn’t really that bad. Since I don’t have to worry about my own danger of being hit if you are struck with a room mate who are grouchy when you are supposed to wake them up for work. Scary, isn’t it? Reminds me that my sister has the tendency to do so too. haha

Chicken meal set for 26 RMB.

Chicken meal set for 26RMB

We had steamboat for lunch~ All I did know that the portion for meal set is…huge.

The never ending order list

Hmm….after work,  head down to the warehouse again to purchase my long coat(because the one I borrowed from Rac is indeed not enough to protect myself from the numbing cold)

then pigged out at the famous dumpling store. AH THE JIAO ZHI THERE ARE SO DELICIOUS!!

and the total was around 70-ish RMB for 8 persons! 8D My stomach was very pleased!

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