…in my own maze.

couple of ideas were up for our new project. Teacher okay’ed them all yet all these ideas are too minor to be done in a group of three.

Then we three sat together and think hard for a project that is do-able for all of us technology-wise.

A website idea was born.

We added some new features to it and were proud what we had at the end of day.

The idea was conceived merely a day away from deadline.

We were confident that this idea might sell, so we propose said idea to teacher to check the feasibility of it.

Teacher just told us frankly “You guys won’t get even a B from me if you were to go this direction”

My mind  went utterly blank.

It’s not that we, as in I had ran out of ideas…but the ideas that the teacher is happy about is ideas that involved us to do individually.

And that’s not all of us wanted at all.

Creativity , where were you when I needed you most?!

I certainly can’t hope for one day you will drop from the sky because I’m simply running out of time.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

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