things I do when I’m awful bored. XD

Got this for 85 RMB(SGD$20 odd?)

Have I ever mentioned that you need to know the arts of haggling prices when you are in Beijing?
Since I rarely shopped for clothes…I hardly knew any tactics to haggle price with the salesperson. I guess it’s either you pay more or bargain more.

and meh, I should have bargained more. ; A ; I nearly went out of budget when I’m at Xidan. EVERYTHING JUST PLAINLY SCREAMS “BUY MEEE~!!”

For the record, I got away with 3 thick clothing and a pair of boots(my running shoes can’t protect me from the cold)

I web-camed with my sister once about the clothes and she gave me the thumb of approval.(I do not have a sense for clothes, seriously orz.) 8D

and…check out my fridge! Foldable and huge! 😀

Your eyes aren't fooling you, this is my fridge door also known as curtains

Contents revealed! All these are supposed to last me for a month!

I guess this is one of the plus point of winter, you don’t need a fridge to contain your drinks.

If I wanted more chilled ones, I can always put them outside 8D

and if you are wondering, of course, I don’t have a fridge in my room.

mmkay, had to run for dance rehearsal.

Gah, be sure to come back and read how I am gonna to break these old bones of mine.

ps: I think I should cherish these weeks in Beijing more, thus I thought of having a picture a day of Beijing. I thought of doing the ABCs of Beijing but simply had no time for it. T A T

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