Hey all!

Understand that there is already a layer of dust that is sufficient to choke a kid right now. Other than being frustrated by reality matters, watching videos has already sapped up most of my time already XD.

Anyways, climbed the Great Wall just last week, but a pity that my HD is not with me currently to speak, as such I shall post it up with pictures on the next post probably tomorrow-ish.

Short summary for the day(rather, my loots for the day /)

-Went to Ya Xiu shopping complex again. Walked away with speakers and tripod this time round.

-Played with Cooking Mama at the Apple booth again XD

-Went to Uniqlo(again. lol) The clothes are awfully cheap(say, 79 RMB for one long sleeve shirt?) but I only got away with 2 because I’m running low on cash already DX

-Tried the speakers when I came back to the room and it was wonderful!~

-Tripod is omg awesome! I managed(with help from Brenda. LOL) to haggle 120 RMB to 45 RMB LEH. SMART ANOT!

Whoots, am getting iTouch once I come back to my lovely sunny island! The apple fangirl in me now squeals with terrific joy 8D

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