Great Wall of China

Climbing the Great Wall during winter is a very crazy choice. Add in the strong winds that capable of pushing you as and when they like made the matters worse.

I simply surrendered myself to the cold merciless wind and decided to stop the track around 1/8 of the intended journey unlike those brave ones that managed to cover the whole track.(there are 2 tracks available for us to choose, we happened to choose the shortest one)

btw, the shortest routes takes about 1h30 mins to walk to the end. Thus it takes 3 hours in total to walk. D:< scary eh?

Enough of my talk, here’s some pictures(took very little as digicam died on me halfway Dx)

Entrance of the track we chose called 八达岭(ba da ling)

Tedious walk ensues...

One World One Dream

Not too sure if you can see it from here, but the slope is THIS steep!!

Found some cravings of names on the stone themselves.

heard stories that bringing the stones back from Great Wall might bring bad luck to yourself. O_O

Metal railings found at the side to aid convience. They sure come in handy! DX

That was the last few photos I had taken before my camera “died” – turns out that it “died” because it was simply too cold for the camera itself to take it!

After the walk, we took a near 2 hours-ish ride to our next destination : 天单(tian dan)

Apparently, Tian Dan is where the imperial kitchen is and yes, it’s omfg hugeeee! D8

Uneven tiles.

The one in dark green is our friendly lovely tour guide! 😀

4 of my friends decided to play with the high-speed function of the digicam

One of the many pagodas available in Tian Dan

The stove that the Imperial cooks used.

Another pagoda

Shall end this post with a very cute kid I took while I was at Tian Dan 😀

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