Big Fat Two Zero

Welcome to the 20s club!

Today is the very day I turn 20.

In Singapore, that means one more year left for stepping into adulthood officially.

And no, I definitely has not grown much wiser. I guess this is evident that the fact I just stubbornly stuck my microsd card into some kuku adapter and I couldn’t get it out now. RAWR!

Even my sister is laughing at me for that right now ):


Anyways, yesterday outing was awesome albeit it was very impromptu. lol

Pinic at Marina Barrage was berry impromptu.

Driving(with us sitting like sardines x_x) to ECP for cycling and dins-dins was berry impromptu.

Going to my friend’s house to play Monopoly was berry impromptu as well.

But things went surprisingly well even though it was randomly decided. Good job guys!

Monopoly can actually be fun with the right bunch of people. I know I found mine 🙂

    • Pan
    • February 20th, 2010

    Happy b-day 8D~~
    hope you have a great time n_____ñ !
    haha Monopoly rlz :B

      • tsun13
      • February 20th, 2010

      Aww, thank you very much, Pan! 😀
      and oh yes~~ monopoly is serious business! >D ufufu

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