1st March

And so, Feburary ends , and it’s also the last day of CNY as well.

And boy, March is indeed a busy month for myself(no reasons to hiki at home anymore @_@ not that it’s a bad thing lol)

and it’s all spent attending workshops and more workshops. whoots. \ 0 /

Feburary had always been a bad month for me…I guess this year is not any good either. orz

As long there is chinese new year, there will always be disputes and it’s always the same old topic again and again.

So….I hate celebrating CNY to some degree(not the collecting of hong baos part though XD)

At least the last few days were good ; A ; Watching Summer Wars, drawing, pigging out at HarbourFront, meeting up with old secondary school friends.

and I’m grateful for that ; A ;

in other news…..eh. Mascot making in progress?!

I kid. Was just playing around with the anime girls generator to solve my drawing block x_x

*coughs* be prepared to see foreign alien words if your system is running on English(like mine. -_-)

speaking of which! I guess it’s high time to change the banner too 😀

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