Abit Dreamy

Clouds Practice #1

Second clouds practice : added grey shadow

Clouds Practice #2

Clouds Practice #3 with random shoujuo XD

so….what do you think?

Not really something worth mentioning, but…ahaha. this is my first time maxing out drawr’s canvas size…so I believe this should be the biggest size(byte wise or canvas size wise) drawing ever~(I think.)

Went for an interview this afternoon…and erm. hmm…not too sure will I even get the job as I will be squeezing in with 3 interns from SP. =/ probably that lessens my chances of getting in..huh?

but ah, I can’t think too much at this point now…just have to wait for that miracle call this friday 😀

If I can’t get in, there are still other lobangs for me to try. I just sent one off my resume to another company just today too. :3

It would be a total bliss if I can get it :3 even if it’s just temporary!

*hallucinating in progress*

ps: oh dear…tomorrow workshop’s at 9am!! Needa tame my sleep monster to sleep now.

p.p.s: Nodame Cantabile movie starts next week~!!! GYYYYAAAAAAAABBBBBOOOOOO
I can hardly wait 😀

  1. Random Meganekko > All.

    And Gyabbooo indeed, can’t wait.

      • tsun13
      • March 7th, 2010

      when is it showing in Malaysia? o w o

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