of clouds and random stuffs

the gradient of the sky D:

I just checked Saya’s blog and realised that they(with TobuyaHibiki<3) cosed beloved Shizuo-chan and I.ZA.YA.KU.N~!!
😀 totally made my day! lol.

more clouds training! I think I got addicted to drawing them already 😀
Not too sure if that’s ever a good thing.=/

playing with shadows….I had no idea what I was doing after I applied the first coat of grey.

Can someone tell me how am I supposed to soothe my 19 year old sister who is apparently sobbing because she is in pain?

3.16 am now, and she is still crying……on my bed.

I don’t have to sleep already yea?

    • Lena
    • March 5th, 2010

    givr yr sis sweets!!! :p

      • tsun13
      • March 6th, 2010

      apparently she suddenly walked off after I finished typing that post.

      hmm..I wonder if she is sleepwalking or not(this is not the first time though. lol)

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