Day 3 + 4 + 5

and because I’m lazy(like always 🙂 but heck la, like who is bothered to know what I do in my job anyway!? B-baka! >////>)

Learning every new things(despite I see each and every one of them as my new saikang tasks) and each day is spent very meaningfully.

I really must take my hat off for my boss. ROLE MODEL DESU.

Although I wouldn’t even dream myself being even any close to be a boss of my own company, but at least seeing how my boss operates his business motivates me and I shouldn’t just waste my time away.

MY SEISHUN, IKENAIDE KUDASAI~~ *cues sakura petals falling*


There are simply too much things that I can learn from.

if you are not a huge fan of reading emotional(!!), long(!!) and boring(!!) walls of text, then this is the point you should avert your eyes from reading :3

My boss did say something like, I required more trainings(not to me face-to-face, he reflected this in a email to the person who recommended me this sai- I mean job)

During my interview(the first time I went into the company), boss is already starting to ask my route in life. Stuffs like “You know your  current GPA score can’t bring you anywhere(yes yes, I know that lol)” and he knew I was here to gain experience(because I’m a damn noob in almost everything and my gpa scores sucks so badly orz) so that I can apply for a university.

He knew almost my shortcomings(academically wise), he knew I’m certainly not going to stay in the company for long(2 years of work is kinda short, yes?)

he needs someone who is efficient (I work so damn slow =_=)

he needs someone who is innovative (I know nuts about the company)

he needs someone to be his clone (LIKE HOMG, ITS NOT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR ME TO DO THAT ; A 😉

……despite my so homg horrible shortcomings, I was still being recruited. lol

KYAA. BOSS!! Can I treat you like a god and worship you now? ; A ;

lol.I digress.

I was supposed to blog about what I did for the rest of the not yet updated days. hahaha!

*coughs* allow me to introduce you my 3 days worth of hell there :

  • Attending customers
    -Boss was away from the office for 2 hours, and I just thought my world just ended there. No idea how to answer customers’ questions and all I can do is to flash my weak smile.
  • Short of change
    -Boss took the key which is for the register. I had no choice but to use my own money for change. Thank god I never encountered a time where I ran out of my own change to return to the customer. Still quite a terrifying experience each time I need to return customer’s change when Boss is not around.
  • Sending postal mail to overseas
    -screwed this whole thing up by sending the wrong invoice into the mail. Boss had to make his way down to Singpost to retrieve the whole mail and take the wrong invoice out orz
  • Intern’s immediate supervisor
    -surprise surprise! Just few months ago, I was under someone’s supervision during my internship period. Care to guess who is the supervisor for the beloved 3 interns in the company is? >_>
  • Answering phone calls
    -People who called are so far very friendly T A T So far no hard question encountered…yet each time the phone rings, my heart skips a beat. >_>

Long post is loooooonnnnnnggggg. lol.

AND. My sister really made more sense that I did today. Her that one sentence is so powerful until I was totally awake from my dream that I had years ago.

I’m an idiot. I know.

And since I already woke up from my surreal dream, I guess it’s time to move on.

Never to look back again. 😀

I love you sister for reminding me about this~ ❤ (I hardly confess my love to my sisters you know XD)

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