DX forgot to deny the network when I left for work today.

T_T I think I made quite alot of mistakes(not fatal ones though) in work today.


….and I’m actually feeling awfully sleepy before 1am. That’s good news right? 8D

mmkay, off to pay sleep debts(?) before they accumulate.

ps: I think…there’s a need to draw a line between work and friends. Now now, how am I supposed to convey such message to them when I’m as new as them? = A = geez.

p.p.s: I need some time to get accustomed with Windows 7 @_@ Never really got used to Vista’s interface(since I was using XP all along. lol)

p.p.p.s: Going to a one-day trip to Indonesia this weekend wktk!! 😀

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