Weird Conversation

The interns in the company are always making my day….well. Almost everyday. The reason as to why so is because I had to grade them and that’s the time when the “not so fun” part kicks in.

LIKE HOW!? orz orz orz

Intern(guy) : “I was being asked a weird question by Boss just now”
Me : o_o “What is it?”
Intern: “He asked me if I brought/graciously corrected by Rac/ a pair of swimming trunks to work today”
Me: oh wait whhhaaattttt./inner thought “huh?!”
Intern : “I believe the Boss is straight……right?” *dubious stare*
Me : …

dang. I was just so close to going to Sentosa(that was the reason why Boss asked the intern that question) today! ):

    • rac
    • March 22nd, 2010

    brought. bRought. BROUGHT!

    • tsun13
    • March 22nd, 2010

    SHIT LA!!!!!
    lol. so I was actually right at the first place!
    damn it, why I go and change sia = A =;;;;

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