At Night

I always liked walking in the night. Exploring some new places, gasping “OH!! So there is actually such a place existing in my own country!”(If equipped with a map and non-local ascent, I pass off as a foreigner perfectly :D)

orz. But I simply can’t do that if I’m alone. 1) I will get lost 2)I will still get lost 3)Darkness spook the freaking wits out of me.
I got a love and hate relationship with darkness actually. I loved it because I fear the darkness. I always liked to play around with my fear if I ever have a chance to do so. I hate it because of the exact same reason. I don’t really like to see something that I didn’t expect. orz. Yes I know I suck, kthxbai.

And I finally found someone who is willing to walk uber long distances!!(more like walking in big circles. lol lol).

Let’s walk more often! :3

AND AHHHHHH IM ADDICTED AGAIN! I suppose I gotten myself a “Izaya/Shizuo-virus”  recently.

This video might cause you pangs of discomfort. lol.

ps: I lost my chance to speak to Setton-san.  (。´・д・)エッ

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