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Crashed wen’s house for some killing spree, or rather Resident Evil 5.

The lack of puzzles made me so disappointed ):

Most probably due to the fact I was playing the amateur mode, completing till the end of chapter 3-2 was a breeze.

Chapter 3-2’s boss reminds me of a certain whiny kid in RE4.

But halfway through the game, I was being called back for dinner DX

I will complete the rest of the story someday! orz


In other news, I finally thought of hatching my plan to reality : investing for my future husbando.

Just kidding. It’s not a human that I’m investing but rather a camera.

So far, I checked out solely on Nikon cameras(since I was told they were good)

The store that I visited only had D3000 and D90 =/

D3000 looked good(to me) but was advised to steer clear away from this model(due it is a prototype system or something =/)

Maybe I should do more homework D: <

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