Missing You, You and You

I just realised...the image does not goes well with the text -shrugs-

I missed the times where we spent late nights in school’s macs ton-ing for our project.

Missed the times when we cursed silently about why our school mac always to switch off half its premises’ lights off at 9.

Missed the times when we can’t even see our own keyboard and what we typed out all turned into rubbish because it’s too dark.

Missed the times when we are together, talking nonsense that never fails to make our days.

Missed the times when we go crazy together.

So much of this, so much of that.

Apparently, I’m missing my school days with my crazy friends! 😦

As all these good times lost its trace since I’m already working, I guess the only thing to keep these memories fresh in my mind is to keep recalling them, as if they happened yesterday.

and before I knew it, this is my 2nd(nearly) month since I started on my job.

Happy 2 months, job!  I learned a lot from you, you know!

Here’s for more to come! 😀

    • Brenda
    • April 26th, 2010

    I also missed those times.. And I didnt know that you always typed rubbish when the lights went off.. lolx

    We can always meet up often to relish those memories…

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