following what my good friend had said : to start up an error diary so as to write down the mistakes that can otherwise be avoided the next time in work down. (excuse to doodle as well…why- errr. okay, I can’t stop that bad habit! -_-)

and so, I finally started on its first page.

…and well, being someone who is so error-prone…guess it’s no wonder that what happened during the 2 days(since yesterday) filled up the entire sheet of paper?

Learned something about the wonders of cheques(no thanks to vague finance classes I attended previously).

Made big boss embarrassed in front of customer today due to my carelessness! > A <;;;;;


on another note, tablet-san is overfilled with a thick layer of dust. Time to use it already! *pushes this to weekend-to-do-list*

onto health-related issues, no freaking idea what happened…but it seems I tend to get very dizzy once I get out of bed when I’m getting ready for work :/ GAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

Reading quite a couple of inspirational posts…I still can’t see how remarkable I actually am. I mean, surely you have good points on your own, yes?

I failed to see mine and gahhh. This feeling really really made me ):

Still trying to learn the way to change this bad mentality of mine, I know it’s bad to think so low about your own self.

But argh, I really can’t help it! -shrugs- I must have been surrounded with too many awesome people already!!

tomorrow’s a new day. Let’s see how many entries I’m gonna fill in for my (error) diary tomorrow!

Hopefully…lesser? :3

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