KL Trip

and so, I finally went to the (highly recommended tourist place?)  Twin Towers.

and it reminds me of…Orchard! orz

Having said that, it wasn’t so interesting that I thought(probably I was looking forward for something more interesting..but ah wells.)

Since we still have time on our hands(that’s like 7 hours more before our flight back @_@), so we went to catch Iron Man 2 instead.

I don’t really understand what’s going on in the movie since I didn’t watch the first sequel but it just tickles my funny bone whenever Iron Man is about to land on ground!

AND ALSO A&W! $@#$@^@$^& – words failed me from this point onwards.
It was erm…nostalgic?  There used to be several branches in our tiny island, but not anymore. Hence my excitement when I finally saw one in KL. 😀


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I didn’t do much..or rather the least I can do to was to treat the whole family dinner ^^;

Went to eat in a restaurant(thank you dad for killing my wallet ; A 😉 and it is as if I was brought back to Beijing again.

It was full of Beijing delicacies there and I was quite surprised that they served preserved eggs with toufu there.

My life would be complete if I could have a plate of water dumplings and vinegar then. haha!


Watched episode 17 of drrr!! and d-awwwwwww. SHIZUO RABU!!! > A <

Fridays are always worth waiting for. This week is no exception 🙂

and I think I ripped off half of my toenail while I was thinking on what to write for this post. =_=

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