Bliss is….

…waking up from your short nap and happened to smell Mum’s fabulous cooking.  :3

Well, it could be the fact that my room is too close to the kitchen. haha

Uno was fun(at sabotaging), Monopoly was still okay(weird street names though)

Went out with my mum for some late night shopping..for groceries. Talked about our family issues and I still think my mum is the awesome-est person ever ; A ;  I LOVE YOU MUM~~


I knew all along it wasn’t meant to be, and yet I can’t help but to continue pinning high hopes on something that is impossible to happen.

I don’t know why I’m even feeling all this and it’s ironic enough to say I’m not getting emotional over this crazy war between the mind and the heart. It goes something like this “Mind: HEY LOOK IT WONT HAPPEN!! IT WONT!!” and the heart will go “IT WILL HAPPEN IT WILL HAPPEN!”

Contradicting, ain’t it?

Maybe deep down, I’m just not interested with this kind of..hmm..silly things. For all I know, I just want something to happen and it’s way out of my range of expectation.

but that does not mean I’m a gay okay! *getting defensive and all*

either that, I must have not been growing up ever since I was 13. HUR HUR HUR

Oh wells~ oh wells~

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