My Way


I wish I can translate that whole piece of text into English perfectly, but aww. my Chinese-English translation skills sucked quite badly ):
Nonetheless, here’s my interpretation(meaning of words might vary) :

We no longer belong to each other yet we are able to share the broad horizons together. And when you looked up to the sky, for all I know, I could be glancing at the same star as you are looking now.

I finally got started to read this drawing book! I actually bought this waaaayy back when I was in Beijing but didn’t really got around reading it only until now.

Late to say this but still I was glad to make this purchase! 🙂

This book wasn’t stingy with their freebies! There’s 2 postcards and 2 bookmarks in total. And both bookmarks came with above mentioned quotes at the back.

Maybe I could do a review on this. But argh. Time is an issue! ):

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