Out and about

@_@ oh dear, I’m really busy for the whole of next week!

Not that I’m complaining, heh.

Just came back from night kite-flying.

While I was enjoying the night scene where the night sky is dotted with different sizes and designs of kites, something was tugging my mind.

Apparently, you can see kites at night.

I was quite skeptical when my sister suggested we go night kite-flying in the first place.

Oh boy, am I proved so wrong when we reached the area. I could see plentiful of kites hovering the sky way too clearly even thought there are not much lights in Marina Barrage.

It seems that you can purchase those tiny clip-on lcd lights onto your kite from the main shop so that you wont lose sight of yours amidst the many other kites sharing the same sky.

3 for $10 is expensive lahhhh

The night sky is so beautiful, plus those kites that has the lcd lights attached on them..they looked like stars when looked afar.

Singapore’s skies had never looked so…starry before. ☆

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