Black Lagoon OVA

really am blown off my mind! O:

Meido-san’s successor was OOOOOO:!! SHOCKING.

okay lah, I do know my description skills are well…limited. But still, bear with me for a while!

OVA started off with a familiar tune, was quite surprised that they still kept Red Fraction.

…which reminded me how I was introduced to this series. And doing so made me feel so old and left out ; A ;

I guess this is another thing that can keep me feel determined to pass the weeks away?

I’m desperately trying to dig out all sort of reasons to make me look forward for the weeks to come.

Perhaps, I just don’t want to believe that I’m wasting my time all these time and tried to conceal it off by looking forward to something that I had always loved doing.

oh lol, I just feel that I am pathetic. tsk tsk.

Theory trial test is tomorrow, I can’t help but to feel nervous. =_=;;

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