okay, maybe I had not been explaining things at all. Allow me to do so now.

I was on my way home, hoping to listen to some music so as to completely deplete the battery life(since it’s already on the red). It wasn’t responding when I wanted to unlock the ipod so chances are…the ipod had really ran out of juice.

Nothing wrong at the moment right?

I came home in glee(NODAME NODAME NODAME~ for some reasons, even the movie doesn’t really turn out good, I still love watching Nodame over again and again) and as usual, next thing you do to your ipod that ran out of battery is to charge it right?

The real tragedy came, an error bubble came up: Your ipod has to be restored in order to use iTunes.


My heart just broke into tiny little pieces. I know, all you have to do now is to restore everything back right? Sure, the music tracks can be done easily with several clicks and syncing with my old laptop(its speed is gradually crawling) but…what about my drr!! episodes? ): they are all…went -poof- on me.

Just few minutes ago, I was telling my friend that I watch them whenever I can’t sleep! orz

I know this really sounded silly…but I’m feeling so…meh, right now.

Will the future me laugh at me when she sees this blog post? I really wonder. I think there’s a high chance she would. lol.

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