At this point of time, I was reminded by one of Izaya’s lines :

“After a few days of living differently, your life will be back to normal again”

…or somewhere between the lines lah. I’m awfully forgetful and all my drrr!! episodes are long gone away with the wind to make any decent references. ):

…Which is the exact feeling I’m feeling now.

These few days I feel so cheated, the main reason of why I got cheated so easily? The lack of homework/research done before buying the product/services.


Oh well, at least the sister is happy. Guess it’s okay to get cheated once in a while….I think.

I can finally play patapon now! 😀 patapatapatapon!

Monday~ and it’s working week again! I WILL WORK HARD FOR THE SAKE OF PERFUME’S VOICE ALBUM!


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