Happy Day

And so, I just finished watching BRS’s OVA.

I’m not too good with words but you should not miss this if you are a fan of :

1) Twin tail heroine( There’s really something mesmerizing about her…eyes(optical ones))

2) DEEEAAAADDD MASSSTTERRRR~(I’m very biased. lol)

3)Fast-paced fight scenes

4) Lovely school girls

…and many more.


Met up with my lovely secondary school mates again. It was fun hanging out with them once again. I guess laughter will just seem to find its way around us no matter what. I guess it could be a work of Sarcasm and our natural instinct to well..gossip. Hur hur.

I got the honor to helped out in sketching a theme park for my friend’s project. I hope my idea really helped!

I really haven’t been drawing, guess it’s really time to work on the lazy bones(or hands, for that matter)!

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