Hello World 😀

D: Speaking of which, I need to get their album sooon~

D: Speaking of which, I need to get their album sooon~

Prostratination is my best friend for now, hence the deadly silence crippling this very tiny spot of mine.

Yes, I do know time management lessons for me are in order.

For the longest of time, I had been considering to attend proper Japanese lessons as I had decided I will be taking my JLPT this year.

Previously, the thought of going alone puts me off the idea about attending the lessons, but as times passes by…I can’t seem to reach my goal. I had to realised this is but a lousy excuse and if I don’t do now, then when? Asking this question is making me very guilty.

So, I had to move forward.

So I guess I will be taking lessons after all. GO ME! LOL

Putting this aside, I think I may have to undergo minor surgery around next week.

Yes people, please take good care of your health, your teeth, your hands, your legs!

I will be fine la, it’s but a minor surgery , remember?

Take care!

    • rachel
    • August 7th, 2010

    what surgery?

      • tsun13
      • August 15th, 2010

      dental issues. Most likely I have to extract my tooth too orz orz orz

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