End of the very long weekends

Yes, this is why we cannot have nice things.

…and so, work to be resumed tomorrow T_T

loads of work piled up like a mountain are looking forward for my return~

=======this is escape-from-reality line ======

listening to some samples from orenoimo drama cd >///< UWAAAAAAAA.

link here : http://oreimo.dengeki.com/goods#cd


Looking at the cast :

  • 高坂桐乃/竹達彩奈
  • 高坂京介/中村悠一
  • 黒猫/花澤香菜
  • 沙織・バジーナ/生天目仁美
  • 田村麻奈実/佐藤聡美
  • 新垣あやせ/早見沙織
  • 来栖加奈子/田村ゆかり
  • メルル(星野くらら)/田村ゆかり

Na-nakamura-san! That explains the very delicious tone~ ゥワァ─(゚`Д´゚)─ァァン!! Craving more for his tsun tsun tone > w <

and with that said~ I’m really looking forward for their anime version. The drama cd-s are quite good, imho😀

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