I promise I will upload the pictures soon! very…soon, trust me!

Life is still so faaar…so..err…well..bad. Was just THIS close to watching my movie! D:<

Decided to leave my ipod- the only source of music as well as entertainment at home before I went out in the morning, and later found myself regretting making such a stupid choice once I see my friend off at the mrt station.

When I get alone, I turn to my ipod.

When I get bored, I turn to my ipod.

Too dependent on technology. Tsk tsk.

Then again, thoughts of all sorts began filling up my tiny mind. These really kept me busy till I reach my station.

I thought of my dreams. I thought how I can imagine myself to be in the next 5 years.

I found myself an answer but I’m unsure whether I had the preservation to continue on with my dreams.

Is it really hard to pursue own dreams in our tiny island? I wonder.

The thing is…I’m not smart enough /ToT\

Anyway, I digressed.

Revived my drawing on twitdraw and it sucks ToT

Scribbling on SAI also failed.


And yes, an “awesome” pile of drawings that I need to scan and I had agreed to show to certain someone…but yea. You know me, I’m just too lazy Dx

I had some unfinished scribbles that I done previously over the months, please mind your eyes :

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