Onward to season 2!!

Oh lol, pardon my recent hotaru musing, but life is quite a bore sometimes D: HENCE MUST WATCH DORAMA TO RELIEVE BOREDOM!


with that said, I took half a day to complete the whole hotaru season 1 series. Imma enjoying season 2 very much!

I think I just need to restrict myself to just watch an episode a day before I watched them all without knowing D:


On a side note, today is the 49th day. Time sure flies fast eh?

Did those obligatory praying sessions and of course, how can my “family gathering” be lack of real life drama elements? So……..yea. It did happen, backstabbings and all. argh.

Adults in my family are soooooooo disgusting. I DONT WANT TO BE A PART OF THEM NUUUUU!!!

Thinking of that….well..it kinda disgust me as well D:

I can’t differentiate my “friends” and “foes” now. MY LIFE SUCK ORANGES NAO.

argh, my late rambling is always filled with incoherent musing.


AND WEEE~ did I hear thunder just now?

Sleep time is going to be awesome. 😀

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