Mindless chase to the girl with purple back pack.

“Click”, went the camera, eyes not fixed to the view finder.

Couldn’t see, couldn’t gauge. What I can do is wait for Luck to bless the camera and await for the best shot by shooting at random periods.

Obviously, it didn’t turned out too well orz. Awkward shots of fingers(when anticipating the shot of a glass from bird’s eye view), blurry shots because I moved too much Dx

Street photography ain’t some kind of easy feat, huh?

Like duh. ._.

Stumbled across Danny Santos’s Bad Weather gallery.

I can’t get any words across to express my amazement by how candid photography can be that beautiful.

I want to own pentax k-x so badly! Prime lens ftw! / But argh, it’s either this or Japan’s trip. ):

..Reality is harsh.

anyway, 2 above shots are from dajie’s 550D, 50mm f1.8.

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