Not Normal

Let the sky rain sunflowers!

Too much pixiv drove me to this, by the way.

I’m still not good enough, but hey…practicing goes a long way 🙂

I’m following a tutorial, no it does not have examples of sketching guidelines you should draw from, neither much about colors either.

All it has was 3 points, and these 3 points will make you improve your drawing every day.

  • Draw with a pen for an hour (boost on designing skills)
  • Sketch, basically just draw anything that came to mind for an hour (boost on structure skills)
  • Draw your favourite character out of different expressions for half an hour (boost on character skills)

So, in short, spending 2h 30 mins everyday, drawing something that you enjoyed doing it sounds like a pretty sweet deal, no?

It could be a tad tiresome, but hey it’s passion that keeps you going! /

…okay. I broke some rules though, that drawing was done by an hour and a half Dx

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