okay, indulge self time.

And so, another year had passed, and this was the 2nd time I attended seiransai.

Looking back, I suddenly came to terms how much I had changed for a year.

Seransai 20th feels the same as 19th. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this is a bad thing.

It’s just feels great when the students are so working hard and doing their best even though it means to entertaining us non-students. Last year made me felt this way, this year too. The students are very passionate that I was so touched T-T

Reminds me that I once told the onee that I might not make it for next, which is, this year’s seiransai.

And then I did.

Makes me wonder if I can make it for next year’s seiransai.

Where and how different will I be a year later?

Since the time warrants for it, let’s track down what had changed since last year :

-change of workplace (from internship to full-time employment. woah, I still can’t believe I’m working for full time already)

– onee’s friend then who asked to take a photograph of her eye candy has a boyfriend! (omedetou!)

– onee’s friend’s eyecandy grew up to be much more taller now!

– My Japanese had gotten a tad better(?)

– no funny encounters. Maybe onee got annoyed by my friend more, or rather.

– We didn’t make it for the most popular attraction, the ghost house this year ):

– Fried soba is AWESOME~ We didn’t had that last year.

– decided to call my friend along….was that supposed to be a bad choice? HAHAHA

– err…onee got prettier? 😀

– I changed my spectacles?

…I guess that’s all the changes I can spot since last year.

To the onee: let’s go again next year again, shall we? 🙂

    • onee
    • September 20th, 2010

    1. :O you’ve got pay now 🙂 more pay!
    2. hahaha yes! omedetou!
    3. HAHAHAH yes!!! omedetou (lol)
    4. aiya what tad, a LOT!
    5. HAHAHHAHA no i was just tired and eating and your friend was… … aish v_v
    6. yeah ghost house :((((
    7. their okonomiyaki is also :D:D:D:D:D
    8. lolol it wasn’t a bad choice lah hahaha. we had fun!
    9. NOOOO lolol!
    10. HAHAHHA xD
    – of course :):):) next year it’d probably be after my endofyear exams already, so i’d be FREEEE. but if school pushes back our EOYs then i think i cant 😦

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