okay, that was childish. Tonight..I mean yester-night dinner was at Porn’s!

ERRR…apparently porn means happiness in Thai. So yes, our dinner was happy!

Bugis seems to be a good place for dinner and supper, at least I got another place in mind when it comes to answering the big question : “ehh, go where eat ah?”

After Porn’s was desserts…….the shop we went was rather…..creepy?

Was kinda shocked to realise that the “windows” behind the curtain was permanently covered. Know the feeling of opening the curtains but realised there’s a brick wall behind it despite there’s a window? Yep, something like that. LOL

Did this within 3 hours and drawr wasn’t able to save my work T-T thank goodness I had anticipated this to happen and print screen before I commence with the uploading.

Said work is done by a stolen- I mean tablet that I borrowed from a friend of mine for some trial test.

and after using it, I realised how chui my tablet is.


and weeee~ I realised I got myself some 10 bucks PS2 games, plus they are legit! Playing them through the weekends, I suppose 😀

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