Remember that the stars are all yours

Work today is awful challenging that I thought I wasn’t able to cope it.

I just thought I should help the customer, but then again. Yes I would have to agree that fault lies with them first irregardless of department.

I was quite hesitant to make sure my “footing” was correct. After all, customers are always right….right?

Guess there are still so much to learn, and many mistakes to be made.orz orz

I can only wish good luck upon myself.


Till now, I still can’t stop giggling on the “go hug your bunk mate” joke. XD I love sarcasm!

DRAWR TIEMZ! / alas! I was able to upload~ yayyyy.

I tried to respond to a nameless thread and this was my attempt to draw another artist’s OC(?)

Eyes looked kinda weird =/

Was hardworking enough to complete my homework for thursday(WHICH IS OH AM GEEEE…tomorrow?) 😀

Thursday~ Thursday~ 😀

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