100th Day

Ignore the negativeness of this post, this is my new meido. Say hi! 8D

Saturday went topsy turvy on me.

I can’t explain my actions anymore. It’s kinda like I know the consequences but it only came to me hard, usually after the path of action had been determined.

Thoughts like “oh hey, you are doing it wrong!” or “Why the hell are you doing this!?” came down thrashing.

And then I will start to regret and want to repent.

The problem can be salvaged with an apology in the end but I knew too well I won’t get lucky next time.

Talked to Rac about this and she told me that it’s not as if I’m trying to be scheming to sabotage others.

Thank you. ; A ;

I appreciate your trust in me, I really felt better after brooding it over for a day now.

I think I better apologize in person tomorrow v_v



Today’s Yeye’s 100th day. Woke up unusually early than other  Sunday’s mornings.

I still can’t accept the fact that he’s gone for 100 days. To me, my Yeye had always hold a very quiet presence. He always had been that quiet. Too quiet to be noticed at times.

Just that this time round, I can no longer see him watering the plants, occasionally bumping into him at the void deck when coming back from work.

He’s off for a long holiday.

I will miss his toothless smile.

It’s ironic that I’m attending the chanting ceremonies though. :s

Soon after that, I got home. It was still awesome early to meet the girls.

So I figured to clean up my room and do my homework that is to be handed tomorrow.

I felt accomplished knowing that I complete the above two tasks in less than 2 hours. HAHAHA

Time up, met with the girls and after that, crazy karaoke session ensued. lol.


And I actually typed a wall of text. =/ My weekends are that busy huh?

Thank you for reading until this point yo!

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