Friday was awesome(the waking up early part isn’t though. LOL)

Karaoke was awesome fun although I too had to leave early and missed the fun. ):

Thanks for inviting me, I really appreciated it very much! *beams*

Disclaimer: The calling of numbers part isn’t on purpose oneeeeeeeeee. I’m sorry orz Forgive me? Y/N?

Plan to watch Incite Mill went down the drain. T-T It’s an horrible mistake to catch a movie at orchard in the evening.


Going out later with dad and mum later. I’m feeling apologetic for not returning home earlier after work and accompany my folks. ):

Speaking of my folks, I think my sister is damn zai(dialect for “awesome”). She actually roped in my parents in welcoming Sammi Cheng(HK singer) at the airport yesterday.

Mum and Dad were simply scared stiff by the overwhelming enthusiasm of Sammi’s fans showed when they saw their goddess arrived and came out from the departure gates.

Needless to say after this episode, Mum and Dad never want to go to these kind of events anymore.

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