AFA Day 1

Only photo taken for AFA

Oh gosh, the dubbing session is awesome.

It was informed beforehand that Kana-san will be doing live dubbing of her recent projects, so I was rather anticipating for a live recording of Kuroneko.

But alas, it did not.

It’s still nevertheless awesome to see Kana-san doing a live recording of  Kanade(THAT CONFESSION MADE ME SHED MANL- err…TEARS T_T) and Mato. I think I never ever get tired of watching seiyuu doing a live recording.

I sure hope Kana-san will come back to grace AFA soon!

And oh, today was very fun with onee, onii, okashi hito! 😀

Lol the o-s.It could be on purpose :3c

Day 2 will be a tough battle. orz. I probably take more photos tomorrow…if I have the chance 😀

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