This movie is finally screening in our local cinemas! 😀

On another note, the related videos found on the right side on youtube made me digressed a little. I got a little greedy and now hoping very hard if the following movies could make it to our cinemas too.

Something to take note with : I judge movies based on cast more than story plot. Yay me for being shallow! *runs before get bricked*

1) 君に届け  From me to you

Actually, this doesn’t comes out surprising. I’m a very biased Miura fangirl after all :3 Kimi ni Todoke is awesome(for me that is) So I guess there’s no way I’m not watching this.

I need to throw away the urge to compare the 2d and 3d counterparts out of the window in order to enjoy this show 😄

2) Paradise Kiss

FASHION DESIGN, OH HOW I LOVE THEE. Another reason why this is on my must-watch-hence-pray-hard-local-cinemas-are-screening-this list is because for more Kitagawa Keiko and Mukai Osamu goodness! 😀

3) ハナミズキ Hanamizuki(A place name in Japan)

Potential tear-jerker spotted. I can still remember how me and PT were crying hopelessly over Koizora then. orz

3 brownie points to you if you know why I’m watching. 😀

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