Oreimo + Ghost Trick

; A ; Good ending is good.

I wonder if the bad ending actually includes a glimpse of yandere Ayase attacking Kousuke or something.



I’m engrossed with Ghost Trick at the moment(abusing its twitter feature at that too.)

Puzzles, how so I love thee! :D:D:D

I really love how crisp the characters turned out even on my phone(read: The World Ends with You), a dash of dark humor is fine too. lol.

Furthermore, it is also done by the ones who brought you Phoenix Wright!!

Murder? Cases to crack? Mystery? Count me in! :3

Currently on its 2nd chapter. Being able to solve the puzzle within the given time makes me feel awesome. HAHA. I finally saved the imouto and dog!! Donuts FTW!! ; A ;

DS version is coming out soon next month, maybe I should grab one when it’s out!

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