Murmuring “1,200 yen equates to SGD$18” within the mind really helps.

And that’s how I got out of Kinokuniya, where the evil(meaning is subjective to own context) resides within, damage-free.

; A ; bookmart is now my 2nd heaven! I actually spent near 2 hours reading books off there 😀

They are currently holding a 50% off at all books(if I’m not wrong). Offer is going to end at the 15th this month. Now now, should I really get my dirty paws on that 4 volumes of oreimo for $14?

Should I? Should I?


And oh, when I was making my purchases, the storekeeper was conversing to me in Japanese…which kinda put me off track(because I wasn’t expecting that actually ^^’) I managed to understand most of the part…until he asked me if I own a membership card  ._.ll

Okay, at least I learned a new word today, which wasn’t that bad 😀

On an ending note, I love how bookmart advertise their books with the announcement system. It’s not really something you can hear from your typical bookstore(I mean, even kinokuniya don’t have them) Do listen to that when you are in bookmart yo!

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