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Like whoa.

I had left this space for really quite sometime *guilts but oh well, not as if people are reading!

Just to do a very simple closing. Maybe think of it like a transition although I won’t really say I had stopped sharing my thoughts, online.

Many things had passed and go. I had grown relatively older, and well hopefully wiser. 

I’m so glad people still commented here(surprised!!) and to be honest, my love for anime as a whole has sadly dropped to a new low. 

🙂 However, I finally made it to Japan…at the least, Tokyo, just 2 weeks ago.

I had been wanting to go since…forever. At the age of 18, I thought “hey!! Let’s make it there to Japan one day!”

No goals, no destinations….and most importantly….NO MONEY. 

I was never a savings kind of person. Given me, money that I had earned(which was a pathetic amount but enough to get by) all goes to anime magazines and well…figurines.

My financial management is so horrible that I can’t even….

Until I met him. 😀 Now I can think ahead better now, to allocate a certain amount so that I can still survive for the month. It’s not something that I am very keen of but I’m actually practicing it.I thank every god who pushed him to me. T_T Maybe aliens too. 

Ahem. I digress.

It was full of mixed feelings, counting down the very days before dream flight and when we were there, sighing as each days slowly passes. Gradually and surely, the day had come for us to head back to reality better know as work. 

We love Tokyo and hope to be back, maybe in another part of Japan(preferably Kan-sai regions) next year. 

Those 7 days are the best and awesome-est week of my entire life so far. It’s meaningful 🙂 

 This whole post just sound too incoherent for reading. But I will close this blog with this post for now. 

Maybe I will find a day to revive if the future me sees this. 

Till then,

🙂 Farewell.





To people who are planning, thank you!

I still have no idea what’s on your sleeves now, but I thought I shall discover on the day itself. AHAHA.

;A; thank you for making the effort to plan despite out of your busy schedules!


Chinese New Year

I forgot when I taken this already. BUT PASTERIESSS!! :D

I forgot when I taken this already. BUT PASTERIESSS!! 😀


And so, within a blink of an eye, a very long weekend awaits.

/!! The thought that I’m going to sleep the worth out of the long weekends entices me.

And what do you know, I had yet to buy my new year clothes, like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. NOT.

I probably going to try my luck tomorrow since I thought my dad wants the reunion dinner tomorrow which turned out…wasn’t the case.


and I find it hard to follow my parents’ instructions.

Let’s not celebrate new year this year! -Okkkaaaaayface.jpg.

Since we are not celebrating new year, there’s no need to buy clothes la. -=A=.jpg

Let’s buy new year clothes later! -OOOOOOO:.jpg

So you see, indecisiveness is in my blood yo.

oh well, everyone rejoice the thought of buying new clothes regardless of festive days anyway lol.

In for a race.

Morning had been spent in a daze.

It felt like I was in my maze.

Stuck in my own craze.

I’m more than amazed.

-_- I digress. Lol. But ah, it looked pretty nice to continue in this manner. I thought of splitting this blog up since it is beginning to waver from its intended objective.

The thing is…is it even necessary? Hmmm.

Even though this week has yet to end, it has been an entertaining one. Happening much! :3


Things that happened recently made me so happy and accomplished. I felt so awesome! \

Can’t really divulge anything much at the moment but let’s just put it that I’m now one more step closer to my goal! Tell me if this isn’t something I should rejoice about! 😀

Excuse me while I indulge myself for few seconds of awesomeness☆

Ps: I had no idea what I was drawing but I later realized this character is lacking her neck 0_0;;


Where are you? ):

No Music Video No Talk Yo

😀 I didn’t know Jay Chou was involved in this song until I searched for their music video(in bid to re-loop it during work)