In panic shock for the whole day just for this test, I’m real glad that I finally passed!

I can now be able to learn driving soon. Now Rac, stop nagging to me that I had yet to pass my theory test okay!

I even set a silly rule to myself that I cannot read my orenoimo novel until I finished this ordeal. It is really very torturing yo! T-T

I can now read in ease at long last! ^o^

私に信じてくれるのみんな、 本当にありがとうございますヽ(;▽;)ノ


Headless Cockroaches

Recently, I realised a very strange incident occurring in my house every now and then…surfacing of headless cockroaches.

Now now, don’t get that freaked out yet(although I’m go weak on knees when confronted with flying roaches ) I mean, like oh whoa, cockroaches can survive without its head without a week and the reason why it died is due to dehydration. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The only burning question I had is…why are they even headless to start with? Did some certain insect like onomnom cockroaches’ head or what?

Quite interesting, I’m quite intrigued.

….although my hair is still standing by the thought of it.