twitdraw and drawr madness for now

RL :Just your normal Joe but I’m extremely blur.(thus, I might offend people without myself knowing at times.) A easy-going person to boot. Holds an unlimited amount of curiosity in regards to all things that looks cool and swanky or just plain odd.

Am currently studying Information Technology for my diploma now in which I will graduate pretty much soon *tears* around May 2010-ish. I major in Finance(then again I am never good with stats *shrugs*) but I’m much more interested in doing web design which I have been doing during my school days.

Tsun13 : My online persona. Started at the year of 2004, after reading my first manga, I have never looked back ever since. After several years and 300 manga books(roughly estimated) later, I started to steer my way off the manga world and dive into the embrace of the anime world.

Slice-of-life genre is my staple in regards of animes, which includes Honey & Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Byousoku 5cm etc. I too also have a thing towards romance genre as well.(am a ronery otaku…NOT) Along with it, sometimes to have GAR elements into the anime is fine too.

In short, I’m about any normal anime fan as you can see. When I’m free(especially after school’s exams) I tend to do some sketching here and there at times although they are quite horrible for now. ^^;

Currently, I’m still grasping my hold of the Japanese Language and might be taking JLPT3 this year to confirm my studies for this language so far.

Till now, I had never been to Japan for the whole of my life but I got a feeling that I might be able to accomplish this seem impossible dream of mine around the age of 20. Wait for me till then, Japan! lol *gets bricked at background*

Meanwhile, this blog can be considered one of my weak attempt in trying to tri-lingualize my stuffs.(with my phailz Japanese, this blog has to be blogged mainly on English)

Please, sit back and enjoy(?) the happenings of a mudane life from a boring woman. 😀

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